extensionchibisafe Uploader • Privacy Policy

Companion extension for quick and easy uploading to chibisafe.

What information is being stored within the extension?

The preferences that the user sets within the options page are all stored locally using the Storage Local API.

If the user chooses to use a chibisafe account, they will need to provide an API token that can be obtained from the chibisafe dashboard. This API token will be stored locally and only used when uploading files.

What information is collected?

No information other than what is required for the extension to function is collected.
This includes the url of the file you are uploading to the chibisafe service and your API token, if provided, for uploading to a chibisafe account.

How do we use the information?

The image/video url that the user chooses to upload will first be requested then uploaded to chibisafe. If using a chibisafe account, the API token mentioned above will also be sent along with the uploaded file. A url to access the uploaded content will then be sent back to the user.

What information/data do we share?

None of the collected information is shared with any third-party.